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While dealing with various state transportation departments, there is oftentimes a demand that super-heavy cargo be transported by way of barge when possible. While the regulations vary from state to state, transportation officials will often require this if there are sufficient means to doing so as a way to mitigate road usage of abnormally heavy loads. Heavy Haulers Inc permitting and operations departments work amongst a network of key players in this field to include, land-lease operators, barge asset owners, tug boat providers, and  inland navigable waterway officials. Each job will undergo a pre-evaluation to determine what requirements or cost saving mechanisms need to be utilized as your shipment pertains to barge transport feasibility.

Supplemental Rail Services

  • Trans-Loading
  • Crane Service
  • Specialized Rail Cars
  • Consultation

Ocean Shipment

Looking for the help of seasoned professionals in getting your goods across the pond? Let us help. A quick consultation will give us an idea of what you're hoping to accomplish, what parameters need to be met, and a full understanding of how we can best arrange for your product to move internationally. We've been doing this long enough to know how to get you the best bang for your buck. Tell us what you want, we give you your options, and you make the call. It's that simple.

  • RORO (Roll On- Roll Off)
  • Container
  • Flat-Rack
  • Open-Top
  • Breakbulk

Supplemental OCEAN Services

  • Container Stuffing
  • Flat-Rack Loading
  • Open-Top Securing (binding, cable, support)
  • RORO Preparation- Cleaning, Repairs, Securing
  • Direct Discharge Off-loading
  • Crane loading
  • Bundling (Breakbulk)
  • Custom Requests

Rail Service

Can transporting my goods via the U.S. Railroad System save me money? The answer is, maybe. Things to think about: Are you shipping a large quantity of goods? Are they starting and ending in areas of close proximity? Is it traveling a long distance? Is your product extremely large or heavy? Obviously, railroads are restricted to certain routes, i.e. where there are railroad tracks!The Rail method of transport can oftentimes be extremely cost saving, depending on your project. Let us take a look at your transportation plan and let us help you decide if it's right for you. If so, great! We can and will help. We started out 30 years ago working the rail system and we know the ins and outs. Give us a call today.